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Thanks for stopping by the website for Mr. Roger’s Real Estate! Vince and Nicole met over 30 years ago at San Jose State and have been doing real estate together in one form or another for more than 25 years.

Vince got his contractor’s license and started a remodeling business called Mister Rogers Construction in 1996. He remodeled countless homes, for families, realtors, and investors. Vince has an amazing spatial ability to visualize what a room would look like with walls moved, additions added and/or completely transforming an interior or exterior of a home. He understands all home systems and can do plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing…pretty much soup-to-nuts when it comes to homes.

While Vince was busy creating beautiful homes for people, Nicole was working on the fit and finish, along with founding a marketing firm that’s still operating today. With a background in design, she has a great eye for colors/patterns and interior design. Between the two of them, they have remodeled more than 30 homes for themselves and their family, as well as on behalf of investors. Interestingly, Nicole’s grandmother was a realtor as well as her mother – so real estate definitely runs in the family!

In the beginning, the native Southern Californian (Vince) and the native Oregonian saw each other on campus in classes covering graphic design, art and photography. But things didn’t really begin to develop until they both started working the night shift at Kinkos.

After they graduated (degrees in art, design, and advertising) they moved to Portland, Oregon, got married, and bought their first home for just $72K! It was a total fixer, so thank goodness Vince had learned construction and remodeling skills from his grandfather.

During the last 25 years they have fixed and flipped and sold several of their own homes and also turned many properties into very successful Airbnb businesses.

Between Vince’s construction and home knowledge, and Nicole’s design eye and exceptional marketing, they are the complete package when it comes to real estate.

“We look forward to serving you in all of your real estate needs. Please reach out so we can learn about you and how we can help you achieve your goals!”



Nicole & Vince

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